Reasons Your Teeth Whitening Program might not be working.

Reasons Your Teeth Whitening Program might not be working!

1.You might not be following Directions-If you are not seeing your efforts pay off re-read the instructions. Each brand has a different set of instructions that optimize the effect of the gel and light combination.  When you do not follow directions you leave open the possibility of an inconsistent result.  Everything from leaving the gel on your teeth for too long (or too short) a time, to using the wrong light this process is specific. 

2. The product you are using might be too weak to do the job… Each gel is different. They all have differing amounts of the same active ingredient though. Hydrogen Carbamide Peroxide is a derivative of   Hydrogen Peroxide and has the ability to whiten teeth.  There are varying concentrations of this gel with 44% being the highest without a prescription. There are many brands on the market now that are just too weak to provide much if any help in whitening teeth. 

3.You might not be using the gel long enough…Weaker Gel will naturally take longer to do the same job. If you are using the gel 10 minutes and it calls for 30 minutes it will take you 3 times longer to get the benefit. Many people are too busy to take the time necessary to whiten their teeth. It can take several appointments at the dentist to have an effect on teeth depending on the stain. Some types of stains are INSIDE the teeth. These stains are much tougher to remove for obvious reasons. 

4. Some stains are INSIDE of the teeth…  Intrinsic stains are inside the teeth, they are tougher to bleach because of the nature of where these stains are. Extrinsic stains are on the outside of the teeth and because of this are many times easier to remove from teeth. Along with proper dental hygiene using a MySmiles Teeth Whitening Kit offers an excellent method of removing these stains. 

5. The type of stain you are trying to remove is TOUGH…  Just like teeth, not all stains are created equally. Some stains are created by certain medications. These medications actually color the teeth from the INSIDE OUT.  Trying to remove these stains quickly and permanently is just not that easy. It takes a whitening gel with superior strength to cut through the stain and restore those teeth to their natural brightness. MySmile is one of the toughest formulas on the market today. It uses 18% Carbamide Peroxide to clean and whiten teeth. 

6. You might be using the wrong product. There are many products on the market that make claims that they will whiten teeth. Many of these products use a similar method to MySmile but fall far short of the whitening power. The reasons vary from the wrong type of light, to the weaker formula gel. Our Gel is the strongest formula on the market today and is 100% Guaranteed to whiten your teeth without pain or sensitivity. How much is teeth whitening?

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