The Rising Cost of Dental Work

With the surge in technology it is certain that the costs for treatment would steadily climb.  Almost gone are the days of extraction and leaving that space open.  Methods for extraction have been eclipsed by the staggering amount of replacement options.  

The Technology has changed

Early Dentists either made their tools or had them developed by craftsmen.  

There have been Dental Professionals in Every Society Studied throughout History

Historians have yet to discover a race, or society that did not have someone responsible for the dental health of the Tribe, or group. It was that important.  Egyptians, Sumerians,  Greeks, Romans, Aztec, Inca, Chinese, all had relatively advanced dentistry. The Eutruscans  had metal fillings, gold crowns, and fixed bridge work.  


The Chinese developed “silver paste” a type of amalgam filling for cavities.    Before that the first extractions were documented in 6000 BC. 

Teeth Whitening was documented in ancient China with a recipe similar to the Romans that included urine as a main ingredient. 

In the 1500s Major Advancements are made

“The Little Medicinal Book for All Kinds of Diseases and Infirmities of the Teeth was published in Germany. ”  This book was the first devoted entirely to dentistry. In it was covered dental drilling, teeth cleaning, tooth extraction, and gold filling placement. 

Ambrose Pare' "The Father of Surgery" Publishes 'Complete Works"

This includes practical  information about dentistry as well, such as tooth extraction and the treatment of tooth decay and jaw fractures. 

The Father of Modern Dentistry

Pierre Fauchard is credited with being the Father of Modern Dentistry largely because his book outlined for the time the modern dental practice.  Including oral function and anatomy, operative and restorative techniques, and denture and partial construction. 

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