Top Five Ways to Keep Your Mouth Healthy (And Some Bonus Advice)

Most of us know the advice

our Parents drilled into our heads about brushing and flossing to keep a healthy smile. We all had to sit through hours and hours of health classes going over and over the proper way to brush and floss.  From Kindergarten to High School we had parents, teachers, and dentists constantly warning us about what would happen if we let our dental hygiene slip even for a moment.

What happened?

Well, it is hard to argue that dental issues have gotten one bit better even with all the cajoling. According to the ADA Americans spent $124 BILLION in 2016 on Dental Care. The year before was a little more than 3% less.

In 2000 it was $84 Billion and in 2016 it was $124 Billion and it is trending up from here.

Even with the number of products on the market

designed to help us keep our teeth clean and free from disease, we still have a tremendous health issue on our hands.

For this reason, we would like to add our voice to the conversation. We compiled a list of dental habits that everyone should be familiar with. Enjoy

Brush Your Teeth

 correctly and most of your issues will evaporate. If you are not going to do something right, why bother doing it at all? Start with the brush it should be hard but not too hard, soft but not too soft. Medium stiffness is just about right.


Here as well you need something that can help clean your teeth but will not strip off the enamel. You will need your enamel for as long as you plan to have your teeth. Flouride is important, but use a toothpaste that is not as abrasive as sand.


There are two types of mouthwashes Cosmetic, and Therapeutic. Cosmetic mouthwash contains flavoring to address short term bad breath.

Therapeutic mouthwashes contain ingredients to address conditions and illnesses and promote dental hygiene.  Common examples include fluoride, cetylpyridinium chloride, essential oils, and chlorhexidine.

Regular Dental Visits

Most of us go to the Dentist when there is an issue, and not a moment before. We seem to have an aversion to anyone poking around in our mouths unless we are in excruciating pain and in desperate need of help. If we would only take the time to make regular visits to see our Dentist we could head off so many problems before they became major issues. 

Bonus Tips

Do not use tobacco products

We understand that addiction is real and that this is harder advice for users than for non-users to take. If you do not currently use tobacco (smoke, or smokeless) do not start. The damage tobacco can do to a mouth is unbelievable.

Rinse your mouth out after meals

You cannot always brush your teeth right after you eat. You can rinse your mouth out with some water. Just a quick rinse makes a TON of difference in getting the majority of food and sugar off of your teeth.

Drink Plenty of water

Drink Plenty of water throughout the day. Speaking of water it does far more that rehydrate you. When you drink your water for the day give it a swish around the teeth before swallowing. Your mouth will thank you.

That’s it… We know how many times you get reminded to do these simple things. Habits are built over time whether they are good habits or bad ones so make a plan to replace your bad patterns with good behaviors. 

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